Upload Instructions

Upload your catalog PDF via Dropbox, WeTransfer or similar service and send it to info@ecatalogcreator.com

Or you could contact us and we will create an FTP account for you on our server, so you may upload your catalog PDF.

plan i

We convert your PDF publication into an eCatalog.

You may then upload it to your website and/or send it out to your customers on a CD/DVD/USB.

plan ii

We host your eCatalog on our website.

You can view it on ecatalogcreator.com/yourbusinessname

*Price includes hosting charges for the first year alone. $97 per year will be charged thereafter as hosting charges.

Go Green

Every year, the catalog industry as a whole sends out over 20 billion paper catalogs.

It takes millions of trees to produce the catalog industry’s mountains of catalogs. Worst of all, most of those paper catalogs have no recycled content and are discarded without ever being looked at.

Save the trees. Convert your paper catalogs to eCatalogs NOW...

how it works

You send us your paper publication in PDF or JPEG format

We convert it into a page-flipping flash catalog within 3 business days

We send you all the files with upload instructions

You are the proud owner of a revolutionary and attractive online catalog that will boost your sales

the benefits

Save $$$ in printing costs

Customers have 24/7 access to your flash catalog

Your catalog provides increased coverage, and you extend the life of your catalog indefinitely

It loads almost instantly and the client can zoom into an incredible level of detail

Multiple applications including: leaflets, brochures, magazines, newsletters, tutorials, photo albums and product catalogs

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NEWS: Paper is out, Digital is in. So, what are you waiting for? Get an eCatalog for the world to view!