The following terms apply to the use of eCatalog Creator.
1. Plans
Purchasing a plan – PLAN I or II – via eCatalog Creator gives the right to upload and convert one document/publication. Customers who want more than one document converted need to purchase more than one plan.

2. Hosting
The payment for PLAN II includes hosting for 12 months. The fee for the next 12 months will be invoiced at the start of the period.

eCatalog Creator accepts no responsibility for the uploaded material. If any material contravenes copyright rules, is offensive or for other reasons found unsuitable, it will be deleted and the customer informed. The plan fee will not be refunded.

3. Operational reliability
For online publications hosted on our sister website, there is full operational reliability in line with other hosting services, but the server will at times be down for short periods in connection with e.g. updates or unforeseen circumstances. eCatalog Creator will of course do its best to ensure that the publications always function perfectly. eCatalog Creator accepts no responsibility for up-time and thus cannot be held responsible for any down-time.

4. Incorrect uploads
The user is responsible for correct uploading. The website contains detailed guidelines and eCatalog Creator therefore shall not be held liable for errors and omissions in the publications. The plan fee will not be refunded in connection with incorrect uploads. In the case of errors in eCatalog Creator’s system, e.g. in connection with the PDF-conversion, the fee is not refunded, but the customer may upload the PDF again and eCatalog Creator will recreate the catalog.

5. Responsibility
The customer’s use of eCatalog Creator is in every respect on the customer’s own responsibility. eCatalog Creator accepts no responsibility for the content, including the correctness, legality, quality, etc. of the information received or provided by the customer via the Internet. eCatalog Creator thus shall not be liable for loss – either direct or indirect, infringement of incorporeal rights or other circumstances that arise as a result of the use of information found on the Internet. eCatalog Creator likewise shall not be liable for loss as a result of lack of access to services or information on the Internet, regardless of the reason for this lack of access. eCatalog Creator accepts no responsibility for the loss of data of any kind, including loss or damage of installed software, etc. eCatalog Creator furthermore accepts no responsibility for unauthorised access to customer data or systems or damage arising as a result. The customer shall be responsible for any costs arising in relation to the ordering of services via the Internet and the use of Internet payment systems. The exemptions of liability contained in these terms of business shall apply even if eCatalog Creator has acted in a grossly negligent way.

6. Downtime
eCatalog Creator shall not be liable for downtime or any errors or omissions. eCatalog Creator disclaims any liability on the same terms as those applying to uploaded publications.

7. Generally
Use of customer information: As a starting point, eCatalog Creator will not reveal customer information of any kind, but accepts no responsibility if it does occur.

Contact: eCatalog Creator does not offer telephone contact. Any questions about support are answered by email as quickly as possible and within 48 hours on weekdays.

Terms of payment: eCatalog Creator does not charge any fee for payments the customer makes online by credit or debit card. eCatalog Creator supplies a standard product familiar to the customer and the customer therefore has no right to cancel the agreement. The payment is always made in cash via the Internet. All sales are final. Once eCatalog Creator converts your PDF publication and provides you with flash catalog files for your online publication, there will be absolutely no refunds. This is because electronically distributed products can be easily duplicated or modified. Before deciding to purchase our plan, please be sure to have a look at our demo catalogs on our website.

Uploaded material: Once the customer has received the finished product, that is the converted flash catalog, the uploaded material cannot be changed.

Surrender: In connection with the sale or other surrender of all or significant parts of eCatalog Creator’s activities or assets, eCatalog Creator shall be entitled to surrender all or part of the customer’s licences and eCatalog Creator’s rights and obligations under the terms of business to a third party without the customer’s consent.

Third party faults and force majeure: In addition to the above, eCatalog Creator shall never be liable for interruptions, interferences, faults, damage, etc. due to circumstances beyond eCatalog Creator’s control, including lightning strike, flooding, fire, strike, war, acts of terrorism, stoppage or lockout (also if these involve eCatalog Creator’s own employees), Internet overload, faults in other organisations’ network, third party faults, system breakdown, other force majeure incidents, etc.

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An online flash catalog, or eCatalog, has a near zilch environmental impact, since it need never be printed.