Flash Catalog Creator TeameCatalog Creator is a digital publishing service built with the foremost goal of Adding Life to Your Catalog! Are you anxious about the thousands of dollars you spend sending paper catalogs in the mail, hoping that they don't get misplaced or are not thrown before they are read? If so, then you need a smart solution. eCatalog Creator converts your existing paper publication into a digital page flip version. Your customers then have access to your eCatalog, which they can browse in 3D page-flipping software as if they had a real copy in front of them, except that the eCatalog is intuitive and interactive.

We convert your paper catalog into a customer friendly and captivating eCatalog that is available 24/7. You may set it up on a website and/or send it out to your customers on a CD/DVD. Readers can flip through the pages, print each page, tell a friend about your catalog, and zoom into an incredible level of detail. And the use is not just limited to product catalogs. In fact, the possibilities are infinite! eCatalog Creator can convert other forms of paper publications, such as books, magazines, brochures, newspapers, flyers, newsletters, photo albums, training manuals and promotional booklets.

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An online flash catalog, or eCatalog, has a near zilch environmental impact, since it need never be printed.